American Women Quarters

American Women Quarters™ Program

From Maya Angelou and Dr. Sally Ride to Laura Gardin Fraser, women have been a driving force behind innovation and change in America. The American Women Quarters Program wants to celebrate some of the history makers that have come out of America.

The American Quarters Program is relatively young, having been in operation for just a few months. However, the program wants to celebrate and acknowledge women’s hard work and remarkable accomplishments throughout history by creating individualized coins that will get distributed starting in 2022.

The Distribution of “change.” 

Starting in 2022, a new collectible coin series will be released and redistributed. Up to 5 unique and diverse designs will be printed by the U.S. mint each year until 2025. For example, an image printed with the sculpted image of George Washington on one side and a woman who has contributed to the change of history on the other side.

Each quarter, a collectible coin will be released containing a woman who has contributed to change development. These coins get designed to honor women of different ethnicities, races, and geographical backgrounds to highlight how these diverse women have impacted the world as it is today.

By releasing these coins, collectors will carry history makers and celebrate the “change” these women made in their pockets.

History Makers

This series of American women’s quarters will feature and highlight the contributions that women have made to the following fields and more:

  • Humanities
  • Space Innovation
  • Arts and Culture Development
  • The struggle for suffrage and civil rights

The following women, in particular, will be honored with their coins in The American Quarters Program:

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou has contributed massively to the development of arts and culture. Her poetry and words of wisdom have shone a light on the struggles of black women and women of diverse ethnicities by expressing emotions and experiences that thousands can relate to. 

Laura Gardin Fraser

Laura Gardin Fraser is a renowned sculptor who has made a lasting impact on the arts by creating sculptures in a previously male-dominated field. The image of George Washington that will get printed on the coin is a copy of the sculpture that Laura created to mirror his likeness.

Women on Quarters

Women have been historically underrepresented, and their actions have not been acknowledged throughout the fight to achieve equality and end suffrage.

The American Quarter Program wants to change this by bringing attention to these amazing women’s acts and life’s work.

By creating diverse coin series that is collectible, the American Women Quarter Program is slowly becoming a driving force to be reckoned with in celebrating diversity, change, and history, giving special attention to American women who have transformed the world.