Jovita Idar Quarter

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Jovita Idar Quarter

The U.S. has come a long way in fighting for civil rights and women’s rights. To highlight the crucial figures in women’s history, the United States Mint has decided to release a new collection of coins each year to pay tribute to these trailblazing women. Amongst the impressive lineup released in 2023 is the Jovita Idar Quarter.

These 2023 quarters, like the Jovita Idar Quarter, are a unique way for the rich history of the U.S. to be remembered. Jovita Idar was a woman of high caliber, and avid coin collectors can expect a similar quality from the Jovita Idar Quarter.

2023 Jovita Idar Quarter

For the year 2023, the United States Mint released limited-edition collector coins to honor the following pioneering and revolutionary women:

  • Bessie Coleman: Bessie Coleman made history as one of the first females to become a licensed pilot and the first person of color ever to do so.
  • Edith Kanaka’ole: Edith made history as an indigenous and well-known Hawaiian composer. She was also seen as a custodian of her culture and its traditions.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: Eleanor Roosevelt made history from the front lines! Despite being the First Lady, Eleanor never stopped in her pursuit of an activist for humanitarianism.
  • Jovita Idar: Jovita was a voice for the people and led by example by fighting back with her words and leaving some of her wisdom for future generations.
  • Maria Tallchief: Maria is the pinnacle of what hard work can achieve, as she was the first Prima Ballerina from America.

Beyond their profound legacies, the most notable similarity between these women is that they never stopped fighting for what they believed in. In the face of adversity, these women all rose to be the change they had once needed in their own lives, and that is one of many reasons why the 2023 quarters, like the Jovita Idar Quarter, are a fantastic way to pay homage to their sacrifices.

These women are exemplary, and the United States Mint has emphasized their impact on history by introducing and producing the American Women Quarters Program

The Woman Behind The Quarter

Jovita Idar’s robust and truthful voice set the journalistic and political worlds on fire. She symbolized hope that times could change and things could improve once the truth about the unequal treatment many were experiencing at the time was revealed.

Jovita Idar grew up in Laredo, Texas, and was seemingly born into the fight for civil rights. Being of Mexican and American descent, Jovita faced several struggles throughout her lifetime. Her struggles ranged from discrimination to sexism and the denial of fundamental civil rights. Growing up in a Mexican-American family allowed Jovita to see both sides of the coin. She could see the strides the country was making regarding equality, but how far from being equal everything was.

The Challenge For Equality

From access to education to lower chances of job opportunities and low interest or lack of interest in the struggles of women and people of color, Jovita was stirred to fight for change. 

As she grew, her family placed a significant emphasis on education. Jovita’s father (Nicasio) was an editor for a newspaper and a political activist, which played an essential factor in the information Jovita had exposure to and how she saw the world. Jovita Idar was given an opportunity many didn’t have then – the chance to see just how valuable knowledge was.

Jovita attended the Holding Institute, a Methodist school, growing up and earned a teaching certificate from the school in 1903. However, her excitement about teaching could have been more active as Jovita experienced the harsh guidelines and treatment of being a school teacher. The poor conditions and segregation experienced by both the students and teachers during this time eventually forced Jovita to resign from her teaching job.

A New Start

After resigning from her teaching job, Jovita worked for her father’s newspaper, which acted as a local news source regarding activism for all Mexican-American rights. During this period, Jovita began finding her voice and writing articles for her father’s newspaper.

Jovita and her family went on to organize the “First Mexican Congress” and helped the Mexicans across the borders fight back against the unfair treatment. Jovita branched out and began writing many articles for different publications. Amongst her work, her articles for the La Cronica gained her much attention. 

From promoting and fighting for fundamental human rights to enlightening the public about women’s suffrage, Jovita’s articles gained significant attention from the public.

A Legacy Left Standing

From facing off with Rangers to directly calling out the decisions made by President Woodrow Wilson, Jovita Idar had no shortage of bravery. She was an exemplary character, and the work she left behind in her articles is still prevalent today.

It is not often that someone can go from being a teacher to being a writer, an activist, and a humanitarian, all within the same lifetime. Jovita Idar possessed the ability to make a change and worked hard to see that change take place. Jovita is an essential figure in history because she saw injustices happening and chose to fight against them actively in the hopes that it would change the future.

A large part of why the women are honored with this American Women Quarters Program is not just because they made history with their actions. The women printed onto these limited-edition coins were all women who took the chance to go against the grain.

United States Mint has embarked on the journey of paying respect to the women who were the driving force behind change. You can display strength in many ways. For people like Jovita Idar, her strength was in her words. Jovita was able to articulate her and her community and family’s struggles. Despite any fear she may have felt, Jovita dared to make things change for the better.

The Coin Design

The design of the Jovita Idar Quarter, along with the other coins in the American Women Quarters Program, was carefully crafted to pay tribute to the remarkable women who forever changed the course of history. The design elements of the Jovita Idar Quarter reflect her fight for civil and women’s rights and her contributions to journalism and activism. 

Let’s explore the intricate details of the Jovita Idar Quarter design and what they represent.

The Obverse Design

The Jovita Idar Quarter has the following designs sculpted onto its obverse side. The obverse design holds the typical portrait of George Washington as depicted by Laura Gardin Fraser. The design and sculpting of the coin were composed by the fantastic artist Luara Gardin Fraser in tribute to what would have been George Washington’s 200th birthday. During that period, Treasury Secretary Mellon chose the original John Flannagan design for the quarter-dollar.

The John Flannagan design is still present, and the obverse side holds the following inscriptions:

  • “2023”

The Reverse Design

The reverse side of the Jovita Idar Quarter has incorporated some key elements and representations of who Jovita was. Her captivating and honest work in journalism and her never-ending passion for fighting for change are illustrated well, as the following inscriptions wrap around Jovita’s body on the American Women Quarters Program coin:

  • “NURSE”
  • “ASTREA”

The designer responsible for the distinctive design and sculpting on the Jovita Idar Quarter is John P. McGraw, a medallic artist. Who better to bring such an iconic individual to life than to highlight her achievements and beliefs excitingly than someone who is used to working well with the medium of medals and coins?

Mint Markings

United States Mint has given the 2023 quarters specific mint markings regarding where the 2023 quarters are made. The Jovita Idar Quarters, specifically, are produced in Denver and Philadelphia. To mark the places of production, the coins made in Denver will have a “D” mint marking, and similarly, coins made in Philadelphia will contain the “P” mint mark.

These mint markings are also a way to determine whether or not you have obtained a genuine limited-edition American Women Quarters Program coin made by the United States Mint.


These coins are a tangible representation of women who helped contribute to the successful forward movements of America as a whole. These women fought hard for the freedoms we now enjoy, and it is a privilege to highlight the achievements these women have earned. The 2023 quarters were made with the utmost care and are a great way to honor the history that makes the United States what it is today.

Coins like the Jovita Idar Quarter are a great and practical way in which people can recount history. By releasing the coins in their American Women Quarters Program, the United States Mint pays homage to significant figures of American history. It connects the past with the present by producing unique coins.

Quarter Obverse Inscriptions

In God We Trust

Quarter Reverse Inscriptions

Jovita Idar Quarter

United States of America
Quarter Dollar
E Pluribus Unum
Mexican American Rights
Jovita Idar
El Heraldo Cristiano
La Cruz Blanca
La Crónica
El Progresso
La Liga Femenil Mexicanista

Mint & Quarter Mint Marks

Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco (P, D & S)






San Francisco


Available Quarter Mint Strikes

Business & Proof

American Women Quarter Specifications

Composition in Proof & Business Strike:  91.67% Copper & 8.33% Nickel
Composition in Silver Proof: 99.9 Fine Silver
Clad Weight: 5.670 grams
Silver Weight:  5.641 grams

Thickness: 1.75mm
Edge: Reeded & Number of Reeds: 119
Diameter: 24.26mm

American Women Quarter Artist Information

Obverse Design: Laura Gardin Fraser (1889-1966)
Reverse Design:  Sculptor Craig Campbell, Medallic Artist
Designer: Emily Damstra, Artistic Infusion Program

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