Sally Ride Quarter

Sally Ride Quarter Next In American Women Quarters Program

Have you been keeping up with the latest coins released by the United States Mint to add something special to your collection? They will now be offering the 2022 Sally Ride quarter, 40-coin rolls, and 100-coin bags, starting on March 22nd, 12 pm Eastern time!

The American Women Quarters ™ Program is a wonderful four-year program intended to celebrate all the inspirational women who contributed to our great nation’s development. They are getting well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments.

How much do Sally Ride quarter coins cost?

The Sally Ride coin is the second of the five released in the 2022 American Women Quarters Program. On March 21st, the Federal Reserve will release the Sally Ride coin into general circulation, and sales contain 100-coin canvas bags. These bags containing the coins cost $40 each, and the circulation finish will be at the Philadelphia Mint or Denver Mint.

A two-roll set will cost $36, with each roll consisting of 40 coins. One roll will be from the Philadelphia Mint and the other Denver Mint. If you want a three-roll set, it’ll cost $54 and will add a 40-coin roll of uncirculated Sally Ride quarter dollars from the San Francisco Mint to this two-roll set.

About Sally Ride

Ride’s contributions to American history are explained on the Mint website as follows:

When she blasted off aboard Space Shuttle Challenger on June 18th, 1983, Ride became the first American woman — and, at 32, the youngest American — in space. During the six days of mission STS-7, she deployed and retrieved a satellite with the shuttle’s robotic arm. Her second shuttle flight, STS-41G, made history as the first space mission with two female crew members. 

After her historic spaceflight, Ride saw that her example was a powerful tool for inspiring young people, especially girls, to pursue careers in science. She teamed up with Tam O’Shaughnessy to write six science books for young people. “The Third Planet: Exploring the Earth from Space” won the American Institute of Physics Children’s Science Writing Award in 1995. … “Ride received many honors during her life, including induction into the Astronaut Hall of Fame, National Women’s Hall of Fame, and Aviation Hall of Fame.”

The Sally Ride quarter dollar design

The Sally Ride quarter got perfectly designed by Elana Hagler of the U.S. Mint Artistic Fusion Program and creatively sculpted by Phebe Hemphill from Philadelphia Mint’s engraving staff. Hagler said“Being in the Artistic Infusion Program allows the opportunity to play a part in the shaping of our nation’s visual symbolism and aspirations.”

The tails side of the unique coin depicts Sally Ride sitting next to a window overlooking the earth from space with America in her sight. Additionally, the coin has “E PLURIBUS UNUM” inscribed above the earth, symbolizing that of all the women in America, Sally Ride was the first to go to space.

The series’ common obverse is a reproduction of sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser’s design submission for the Commission of Fine Arts’ 1931 competition to pick designs for the quarter dollar issued in 1932.

The right-facing portrait of George Washington by Fraser got favored by the commission, but Andrew W. Mellon from the Treasury Department overruled the recommendation. He then approved the left-facing portrait of Washington by the sculptor John Flanagan. You can see Fraser’s initials, LGF, are raised on the lower side of Washington’s image.

The Sally Ride quarter dollar will get included in an American Women Quarters copper-nickel clad five-coin 2022-S Proof set. These include the following:

  • Standard 14-coin Proof set
  • 14-coin 2022-S Silver Proof set
  • 5-coin 2022-S American Women Quarters Silver Proof set
  • 2022-S Limited Edition Silver Proof set
  • 28-coin Uncirculated coin set
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