Coin Collecting

Interest in Coin Collecting Surging during Uncertain Times

Coin Collecting

What percentage of new buyers participate in auctions? Of course, at auctions, dealers and coin collecting have always competed for auction items. Still, the increase in bids and bidders indicates that inexperienced investors, who don’t necessarily plan to collect coins themselves, are seeking alternatives to the slumping stock market, looking at coins as a potential asset. 

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, “investors piled into safe-haven assets,” CNBC reported. 

Silver, gold, and platinum coin prices – whether bullion, circulation strike or non-circulating collectible issues – skyrocketed as the war continued, as the threat of inflation and the Coronavirus kept non-collectors interested in coins as a means of protection from inflation.

Only those proof sets containing silver-composition coins since the 1990s have seen value increases in recent years. Unfortunately, finding silver American Eagles can be difficult. Compared to one year ago, large coin dealers’ inventories often lack coins than those available today.

Since March 1, Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) has been unable to process orders through their standard tier of service, so they will cease accepting orders through that service until April 1.

Even though collectors may not like the added competition, seeing so many new collectors coming on board is refreshing. The coin-collecting hobby has excellent leadership and is getting even more robust.

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